Solar Batteries

Looking to put up an alternative solar energy system of your own? If so then solar batteries are some of its most vital component. Without it, no solar energy system would prove practical or useful. Without a means of storing the electrical energy derived from the sun for practical use, solar energy can hardly be called a suitable alternative energy source – that is very purpose that a solar battery serves

Choosing the right solar battery

If you think solar batteries are no different from the ones in widespread use in the automotive industry then you would be mistaken. Solar batteries are of the special deep cycle type designed to withstand hundreds of cycles, discharged slowly over a long period of time and recharged deeply to its maximum capacity.

Conventional storage batteries cannot possibly withstand such an abuse and what sets solar batteries apart from its ordinary counterparts. Although these batteries often cost considerably more than your standard lead-acid car battery, it is as much a worthwhile investment as any of the components required to generate free, sustainable and infinitely renewable power.

Having said that, those interested in investing in solar batteries as an alternative energy source need to be particularly wary about choosing the right one for their energy needs. These batteries differ in terms of use, quality and storage capacity. If you intend to make a full switch to solar energy then you will need one with ample storage capacity and full compatibility with the rest of your solar energy components.

We at Clean Air Works can certainly help you choose the right solar battery for your needs as it is with the rest of components required to develop alternative energy systems all in line with our commitment to contribute to a greener and cleaner environment. Get in touch with us today!