Partners Only

Can You Recruit A New Clean Air Works Partner?

To all Clean Air Works Partners:

As most of you are aware, improving the air quality in our region is of vital importance to both our health and our economy. The most effective way we can improve our air quality is to reach out to more businesses each year. We currently have 116 partners and believe we can bring in even more, simply by asking each of you to help us recruit at least one new partner between now and the end of the Ozone Season. And, you don’t have to stop at just one.

You need to account for the variable in your business relationships, but generally, the following approach should work quite well.

1. Send your contacts a letter informing them that you are involved with Clean Air Works!
2. Follow-up within a week or two.
3. Personally introduce them to your Clean Air Works! coordinator, or to a member of the Clean Air Works! Recruiting Committee.

Once they are signed up, you will be credited with their partnership. Just imagine being able to double our impact over last year’s efforts! All it takes is for every partner to help bring at least one new partner to the table. Bring five if you can. But bring at least one!