Operations & Maintenance

Promoting commute alternatives is just one of the ways employers can help improve air quality. There are various operations and maintenance programs and policies that employers can implement on Air Quality Action Days, for the entire ozone season or continuously throughout the year.  An Air Quality Action Day is announced when pollution levels are forecast to be Code Orange, Red, or Purple (levels above the federal health standard).  On Air Quality Action Days, citizens are asked to take ACTION to reduce pollution and protect their health.

Contact us to learn more about how you can reduce emissions at your worksite, and possibly save money.

  • Be energy efficient. Purchase ENERGY STAR certified equipment, programmable thermostats and energy-efficient lighting. Ask employees to turn off lights, computers, printers and other office equipment when not in use.
  • Reschedule the use of construction equipment and small diesel generators or boilers for evenings or avoid use on Air Quality Action Days.
  • Reschedule fleet refueling until the afternoon or avoid refueling on Air Quality Action Days. This reduces the release of fumes that contribute to smog formation.
  • Delay indoor and outdoor painting until the afternoon or after the Air Quality Action Day is over. Switch to low-VOC content paint.
  • Delay or reschedule lawn maintenance and landscaping activities until after 12 p.m. or after an Air Quality Action Day is over. When hiring contractors, ask them to use electric or manually-powered equipment.
Other actions include the use of low emission or alternatively fueled vehicles, and implementing energy conservation plans.  Mecklenburg County Air Quality department offers fleet inventory services as well.  Contact your Clean Air Works! Outreach Coordinator if you are interested in having a fleet inventory performed to identify opportunities to decrease fleet emissions.  Implementing some or all of these measures will not only help with cleaner air, it will also help your bottom line.