Business Benefits

The Charlotte region is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country. With that growth comes prosperity, but it also brings challenges in the form of air pollution and traffic congestion.

As an employer, you are in a powerful position to provide an alternative to traffic congestion, improve air quality and provide your employees with options to accomplish these goals. Furthermore, these programs provide you with bottom-line benefits.

Commute options programs help with higher recruitment and retention. Why? Because these programs give employees choices that allow them to take control of their commutes, feel good about their employer, and help them feel good about doing their share for cleaner air.

In addition to reducing employee turnover costs, commute options programs can provide employers with significant tax savings. The federal Commuter Choice initiative allows employers to offer tax-free transportation fringe benefits of up to $230 per month per employee for transit or vanpool expenses and up to $230 per month for parking. In 2009, benefits expanded and now allow up to $20 a month for bicycle commuters.

Employees can also set aside income on a pre-tax basis to cover the cost for their commutes, like a flexible spending account for healthcare or childcare costs.

As a Clean Air Works! Partner, you have access to the outreach staff who can assist with organizing events and providing new ideas for expanding your program.

Other benefits that your company or organization can enjoy include reduced absenteeism and lower health costs; increased productivity gained from less stress and less time spent commuting; reduced parking needs; and lower office space costs.